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The Royalty Method of Losing Weight

Losing weight is something that everyone considers at least once in their life. You might be looking forward to a big wedding day that you want to tri

Losing weight is something that everyone considers at least once in their life. You might be looking forward to a big wedding day that you want to trim down for, or you might want to look your best for the upcoming school reunion. Whatever your reasons maybe, it becomes valid because it matters to you. You wanting to make lifestyle and food habit changes should be something you don’t have to always explain to others. But in all this you have to make sure you are not harming yourself. Only when you are doing it the right way can you keep your loved ones and friends from being concerned for you. If you are following a good method then no one will have to worry about you and you too won’t have to worry about your health. Here is a method that works slowly but surely.

The Kings Share for the Morning

Breakfast is one of the most important meals that people have the tendency to overlook. We are so busy that we run out of bed and off to work with an apple in hand. This should not be the case. Most of us eat heavy meals for dinner as we are tired and actually have time only then. Instead of doing this, it would be a good and smart idea to switch it up. Have big breakfasts and enjoy your meal. This way you will burn it all off as the day progresses. You will also find that you are less likely to snack in-between meals when you have had a good breakfast. Along with your breakfast take a walk around your palace like the kings do. Mornings are also a great time for you to join some fitness program that interests you. Join a team that you can work out with even from your home. There are great options available that will enable you to workout good and well in just a few minutes. This will hike up your metabolism and help you burn calories all through the day.

Lunch to Share

Lunch is the time to share your meals with your neighbours according to the ‘kings’ rule’. You can always split your meal with a colleague and not eat a full meal with all the fried potatoes or other greasy stuff. When you share you are not only saving up by splitting bills you are also encouraging each other to keep fit and be healthy. Chances of sharing meals with your colleagues might not always come around, so look for every opportunity so that you consume less than your breakfast. Always remember that you still have dinner waiting for you.

Dinner Time Is To Eat Like a Pauper

The rule says to share your dinner with your loved ones. What this rule basically says is that you should give away almost half or more of your meal to someone who might need it more than you. One interesting and very grand method would be to see if there is someone who needs something more than you. Then instead of buying fancy meals or spending too much on expensive ingredients but simple things and cook simple meals. Use the extra saved up cash to help someone who is less fortunate or do something that you believe in. this way you are not only eating right and getting fit, you are also doing something great.

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