Report: we prokatili heroines "Leningrad" in the subway - 9GID

Report: we prokatili heroines "Leningrad" in the subway

Group "Leningrad" The clips work better than pull and show "The Voice": the protagonists of the video "Prayer" , "bag" and "exhibit" , the singer Alic


We sat down with the girls in one car. At Alice Vox: dress Alexander McQueen, Agnelle Atelier gloves, boots Gianvito Rossi, Marni has necklaces, earrings Oscar de la Renta (all - EBRT). At Valerie Shkirando: Dress Dries Van Noten, ankle boots Gianvito Rossi, earrings Oscar de la Renta, coat Mary Katrantzou (all - EBRT), gloves - property heroine - How to Petrogradka such a crowd in the four-thirty? Thursday also. And I can also badge? - Dmitri, a man vocalist group "Leningrad", hugs Alice Vox , which rustles jackboots four pairs of shoe covers, wrapped with tape. Behind them is Valeria Shkirando arm with stylist Roman Kyandzhalievym project. - I think people will be sent to us when we are in the car ask them to disperse - Alice is nervous. - Our survey over a large-scale fight with the police, well, seriously. I have not traveled on the subway, and all of the latest cases were a nightmare. However, the flows of people are indifferent to us escalator, subway passengers are looked solely at his feet. Among the fifty shades of gray, their eyes are attracted except bright orange packages DLT in the hands of a stylist assistant. - Life - class. How cool live. Life - is a thrill. I have pleasure from life. Kaif - so Lera decides to dilute our tarantinovsky Poker-Face quote from supernova "Instagrama." - Fyutifyu, chikchirik. Bunch! - Grinning, I'm drawing a heart in the air. - I love Irina Gorbachev, she is so talented! The Master of Disguise. Nine people, including assistant stylist and photographer, trainees editorial and improvised bodyguard, lining up a tight ring around the heroines of the upcoming survey. - It's not a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, on which you are driving around with a personal driver in the movie "bag" - check I Lera's fighting spirit. - I am calm to public transport. And you know, I'm an introvert, modest and reserved girl. And that habalistaya oligarch's wife in the "Bag" I played quite similar to me on any parameters. So for me the project was invaluable acting experience. I still offer to play in something like that, but I just refuse. Yes, this is a significant story in my life, which has given some impetus to the professional. But it has long passed stage: after the audience saw me as a dramatic actress in the film "The Battalion" Dmitry Meshieva , I starred in the "junior" series for the CTC channel, and soon on the First Channel will show producer project Alexander Kott and Alexander Cekalo TV series " Sparta ", in which I sang the female lead. - You've just passed the casting for" Bag "? There was cronyism and hairy hands, as I understand. - Blat and hairy hand - it is outdated stereotypes of the masses. Now is the time that the pull is not possible, all in the mind. If you yourself can not do anything, then a dozen wealthy man, friends, agents will not help to get through. We need to be honest to yourself and to the world. Here Sergei Cords very honest. He superlichnost. And I was wildly inspires them tandem with Matilda . She's so pretty! All they are doing: the music of Sergei, and the restaurant "KoKoKo" and the ballet school Matilda - All fires. It's amazing how they manage to feel so fine time. As they should be, not afraid of the word, the modern St. Petersburg intelligentsia. We descend the escalator and moving to the end of the platform. On the bench Lera shoots shoes, stylist pulls on her boots, which are small. - Before going to the "Golden Eagle" award ceremony came to me a makeup artist and hair stylist. While they induced the beauty, I held his face, but as soon as they left, I caught myself on the fact that repeat "exhibit" the story of the clip . "Louboutin" is shot because everything about everything seems already knew, but no one spoke aloud. And here truthfully revealed the process of collecting on a date, and the people saw. Although instead of trying to lose weight in two hours, it is better to drink champagne and pokayfovat. (Laughs.) Lera decides that for the sake of the image she potopchetsya shoes a size smaller, the stylist picks up her arm. Comes the next train. Our band attracted the attention of all those present, suspense is growing: that we begin to sing, or to shoot. After the "Black River" Alice and Lera picturesquely stand in the aisle in the middle of the car - a crowd of onlookers and gets exhales smartphones. Diva change attitudes and show variations on the theme syndrome bitchy person. Lera wild loach explores new territory handrails, Alice takes off from one shoulder jacket chief editor Jana Miloradovskoy. Random companions decrease from station to station. Some viewers pas artists act as hypnosis Kashpirovsky why they miss their stop. Photographer Alexey Kostromin impassively clicks the shutter. - It turned out, it's not scary, people like - in the process of building the next frame says Alice. - It reminded me how a year after my arrival in the "Leningrad" We played a concert at the Ice. For him it was a record number of fans. There was a catwalk in front of the stage - I went to him, stood in front of the audience and in a fit of raised hands. Then I felt incredible: the first fourteen thousand people shouted not because Sergei did so, namely me. This was my first experience in the development of the energy of the crowd - not with the incomparable feeling. In ordinary life, do not get these emotions, for example, when you direct the microphone in the hall and the crowd was finishing the sentence for you. Of course, it is a merit Sergei - it creates all the hits, which go to the people and taken away on citations. And not only in Russia: I write people from Australia, America, and Israel. "Exhibit" sound whenever there are Russian-speaking community. They look, sing, share with each other and translate text to your friends. Alice smiles at the sight of her husband supports the photographer by the scruff: empty wagon shakes. We arrive at the "Parnassus" station. It turned out none of her crew here has never been so exit to the street becomes a cause for the break. Again dismantle zhetonchiki - ahead of the way back to "Petrograd." A curtain. End of the first act. At Julia Topolnitsky: swimsuit Herve Leger, coat and sandals Bottega Veneta, bracelet Oscar de la Renta, earrings Roni Blanshay (all - EBRT) Again Metro, this time the "Admiralty" actress Julia Topolnitsky - blonde from "Exhibit" clip - wears a pink fur coat on top of a bathing suit and sandals buttons.  - Let's go in the direction of the "International." There's cool, I lived there - suggests Julia, laughing loudly and building faces. - I'm still no one knows, no one finger pokes.


So I walk as usual, I go to the subway, lunch eatery. And honestly, I think I have not such a brilliant game of "exhibits". In fact, the reason for success - it is the very Sergey Shnurova song Productions team, directed by Anna Parmas. And I'm just very lucky. In the car there is a free space, Julia sits down to a guy in a jacket with a football club "Zenith" logo. The entire film crew standing watching as the actress is part of the image: a neighbor builds his eyes, said something in his ear and shakes hands. Photographer Kostromin documents staging. The man smiles, they do share selfie, everyone is happy. The surrounding traditional black metal, the total is considered elegant Julia as the pictures on the Van Gogh exhibition. The boys on the other hand recognize her, whispering and smiling, but do not dare to approach.  - Girls love to give each other advice from the series "never call me first," - gives Julia when her new friend comes to "Bucharest". - What kind of nonsense? If I like it, I want to calling. Or, "you can not give gifts to men." But why - that he is not alive? We decided to go for the girl the guy on the heels, wearing flowers, and God forbid that it does not like. Fuck you! But who are you? Why did you have to go for? Yeah, you're cool. But there is still the same classroom, and not one. On the platform of the "International" Julia squats, grandmother rapidly moving away, the young men took their places and take photos to your phone. On the way back, stuffed a lot of people, our heroine will parade around the car, contagious laughs, why start to smile all around. From nowhere, coming to Kostromina collective character of Lynch's films, it pushes us and splash thick fumes. Popular tradition to celebrate the holiday in advance Defender of the Fatherland. People jumping, elephant man sits on the empty space, demonstratively pushing wide legs and knocking with his fist on his palm. Then zyrkaet threatening to Julia, who bravely does not give him sight. Recording is paused.  - Let's go back in the direction of the "International." There's good people than to "Commandant", - our team goes to the "Sports". - Well, do not worry. And let me hooked legs of the upper rail and hang upside down?  - And if you fall, then we will be justified to the people?  - Come on, you have a child, or something, is not it? Everything will be good. I studied ballet with the youth, do not worry. And this man - well, there are scumbags, what can you do. In any case, I like to feel that everyone is looking at me. Therefore, since my childhood I loved being on stage. Even my parents have a good sense of humor, which was passed to me. Everything said, "Oh, Topolnitsky, you just be a clown." And I went to SPbGATI Boris Uvarova course at the theater "Actors", so they were taken aback. The next train our heroine takes attentions bearded posthipster. Julia waved his hand from the image does not come out.  - I agree with all that is shown in the "exhibits" - she turned to me, until Alex adjusts light. - Our women live in stereotypes that they have to be thin to protruding collarbone and cheekbone. The blame for this man. That they always say, "Look at Masha see some asshole is! And you have? Go-ka in the gym! "And I love to eat! It seems to be lean and evil do not want, but the fat and good, too reluctant. (Laughs.) And this fashion for plump lips! I am very afraid of doctors, so I can not understand that if nothing hurts like you yourself can go and cut his body? But I do not blame these women, perhaps in a year she will come with huge lips. (Laughs.) The men support it, and everything in this life for their sake. There is a girl who would not want to get married.  - I do not want. So far, at least.  - This is just yet. Then we all started the race for the male. Among women, there is always competition and envy. If a man pays attention to other persons with certain forms and features, the wife will want to be like rivals. In our country, very few women who want to be nice to yourself. But in Europe, the girls look like they are comfortable. They wear shorts and stomp on the beach. And imagine our at a resort in Italy, where there are so many brilliant men. Russian ladies will seriously makeup, lay down to sunbathe in the stone poses - what if this is their only chance to pick up an alien ?! Retracted the stomach and do not breathe. "Galya, I have it all okay?" - "Yes, Nadia, it's OK!" - After Julia's miniatures around the carriage is heard laughter.  Actress foot rests on the seat, gives a lift of her stylist, she turned over, hangs upside down, laughing and waving his arms under the frantic applause of the audience. Encore to make her do not ask - cultural as people. A curtain. End of presentation. Text: Natalia Nagovitsyna Photo: Alexey Kostromin Style: Roman Kyandzhaliev Assistant stylist Dmitry Domashov Make-up: Anna Bulgakova, Anna Krasnenkova, Olga Volkova


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