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‘Inside Out’ Without the ‘Inside’ Scenes Is Oddly Satisfying

No spastic Amy Poehler.

Pixar’s Inside Out leans heavily toward the inside rather than the out—it’s a story about the complexities of our inner lives, after all. But what’s left when you edit out all the emotions, internal conflicts and memories?

A surprisingly effective short film.

Redditor rickroy37 made a request in Reddit’s Movies community for a version of Inside Out that “has none of the ‘Inside’ scenes.” University of Utah film student Jordan Hanzon (Reddit user kinkosmyers) stepped up to the challenge, piecing together a condensed movie with a simple premise—11-year-old Riley gets uprooted from her Midwest life and struggles to adjust to her new life in San Francisco. That’s it.

It’s sweet, a little dark, and emotional. It’s also brief. Turns out that when you cut out spastic Joy, mopey Sadness, Bing Bong, and the whole gang of characters that beam and battle in Riley’s brain, the hour-and-a-half film tightens up to just 15 minutes.

Check out Inside Out: Outside Edition.

Here’s how Hanzon did it: 

Comment from discussion kinkosmyers's comment from discussion "[REQUEST] Inside Out with none of the 'Inside' scenes".

Redditors quickly started thinking of other shows that they’d like to see lose central components. What would The Wonder Years be without the narration? What about The Good Dinosaur without the 

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