What Would the Person Who Named Walkie Talkies Have Named Other Items?

Farts would be "Bootie Tooties," obviously.

In 1941, as it has been told, a news reporter asked Canadian telecommunications pioneer Donald Hings about his invention—a portable two-way voice radio.

“What does it do?” the reporter asked.

“Well, you can talk with it while you walk with it,” Hings replied.

In the newspaper, the reporter referred to the device as a Walkie Talkie, and the rest is history.

In the Ask Reddit community, Reddit user dirtknapp presented a question:

What would the person who named Walkie Talkies have named other items?

Here are some of the responses.


Li-Anne Dias/Upvoted

— Reddit user Geta-Ve


Li-Anne Dias/Upvoted

— Reddit user unproperNoun


Li-Anne Dias/Upvoted

— Reddit user Mahimah


Li-Anne Dias/Upvoted

— Reddit user mathguy8288

Cruise missiles

Li-Anne Dias/Upvoted

— Reddit user sjhock 

For even more responses, head over to the original Reddit post here.

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